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Baking frenzy

This week has been really busy. The weather is grey with occasional snow and so friends and family have been keen to receive a bit of cheer through the post. To that end, we have been baking up a storm and sending cakes by post. We've also delivered some scones and cake to neighbours. Everyone needs a treat now and again.

It's been lovely to bake again with my daughter. She's going to be a brilliant assistant in the Blue Scone Van this year. She is becoming a great little baker and we love spending time together. This week we have baked her entry for the Valentine's Day Competition at school. It was a bit of an anti-Valentine cake but I'm proud of her imaginative interpretation. I taught her how to make a rainbow cake, ice a crumb-coat and cut out simple shapes for decoration. We also tried a bit of Heston Blumenthal style cookery by hiding a Smarties surprise inside the cake monster's throat. Her photograph and entry description have been handed in so, fingers crossed.

In the past, I've avoided baking too much because I just ended up eating all the left-over cake. I love baking but this is not a healthy way of living! This week I have found the solution to that problem and realised that I can actually send cake and scones in the post. I'm amazed to say that the cakes and scones arrive in perfect shape. So, half a rainbow cake was sent in the post to a very sweet 8-year-old in Scotland. She absolutely loves rainbow cake and I'm hoping that the cake will cheer her up. She, her mum and her brother had Covid just after Christmas and they are still feeling a bit under the weather.

Next on the baking list are some scones, chocolate brownies, a lemon cake and a carrot cake. Will one of the lucky recipients be you? I hope so.

Join me next week for my next post.

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