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Cold weather treats

Did you ever read about the lands at the top of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree? Well, the blue caravan always reminds me of the land of tea parties. You can have anything you want at this tea party including vintage crockery and doilies. I try to imagine myself as the customer. What would I love to see in a tea shop? To this end, this month I’ve been inventing mulled tea on a Christmas theme. You may have seen my recipe on Instagram. It’s comforting, caffeine free and fights off the barrage of colds around at the moment.

The dramatic shift in weather has meant creative menu planning for teatime. This weather is not really cream tea weather but that doesn’t mean that we should forget about scones. Everyone needs comfort food so we’ve been baking cheese and herb scones with a hot cup of tomato soup or lentil soup. Added to this, we can usually tempt our customers with a lovely cup of loose leaf tea and this of course leads to a sneaky peek at the cakes on offer. Forget about your diet when you visit the tea shop!

it’s also been busy because we’ve had new photos taken and the website is having a cut and blow dry! Since opening back in May, we’ve learnt so much and we want to stride confidently into the new year. So, we’re bringing in the professionals to show our products in their best frocks. You will see that our tea boxes are available for local delivery. We won’t be at the markets early in the new year but we’ll still be delivering.

In the meantime, we’re at Ripley Market on the second Saturday of December and Horsley Market on the third Saturday. We will have cheese scones and soup, Christmas cake, mince pies, gluhwein, chocolate yule log and hot chocolate. Bring your best thermals and join us for the last markets before Christmas. 🎄🎄🎄

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