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Coming out of hibernation

You're probably wondering what on earth I'm talking about hibernation for! Just like the hedgehogs, birds and bees, we've had a bit of a break over January and February while it's been soooooo cold but now that the crocuses are starting to appear, the scone van is also starting to stretch, yawn and shake out its feathers. In other words, the work is building up and the bookings are coming in quickly. I want to thank Lorraine Issott (Website, Social Media and VA), Emma Dunham (Photographer) and Emma Strudwick (VA) for giving me so much support. It's hard to believe that we've only been in business since last May but, yes, less than a year ago, we were bravely putting ourselves forward for Farmer's Markets and fairs. We started to take private bookings in August after receiving a lot of interest in our little vintage tea shop at Weyfest Music Festival. We'll be there again this August. Since our first event on May the 1st, our vintage caravan has been hand-painted by theatre scenery artists, filled with more varieties of tea leaf tea and revamped for food hygiene. We love it as much as our customers do and feel very blessed by the wonderful response to our teashop.

So, what are our plans for this year? We have so many exciting ideas for making the tea time experience special. As many of you know, I am obsessed by 1940's vintage and I've been researching many, many tea shops around the country. The vintage style is fun and feminine. I love the full-skirted dresses, the figure hugging cardigans and the rolled hair. When I'm dressed up, I'm making an effort. Tea time treats are my conscious indulgence and so, I want to make it special. I know what I love about the perfect tea: warm scones, lots of clotted cream, unusual flavoured jam plus fruity strawberry, pastel colours on iced cakes, refillable hot tea-leaf tea, fresh coffee, and warm, friendly chat. What do you like about tea? What helps you to relax in a tea shop? Do you dress up too? It's all about the experience, isn't it?

At last, we get to the point; when and where can you find us? On the 12th March, we are returning to Ripley Farmer's Market and will be there on the second weekend of every month until the end of the year. We love Ripley with all its fabulous local produce and don't forget that you can earn loyalty points for every participating stall you visit. We will be at another favourite, Horsley Farmer's Market on the 19th March and every month for the rest of the year. Finally, in March, we are looking forward to a new venue, Effingham Market, on the 26th March. At each event, you'll find our tables laid with vintage china, doilies and table cloths. Our scones are freshly baked and warmed in the scone van, and we have plenty of tea cosies to keep your tea pot warm while your tea leaves steep. Alternatively, if you're in a rush, we have eco-friendly tea boxes ready for you to buy, take home and eat.

Tomorrow is Thursday and baking day. I will be baking apple cake with almond butter icing and a lemon drizzle cake. You can order from our shop and send us a message any time to find out about the rest of our plans. In the meantime, have a lovely week and enjoy the sun and spring bulbs: my favourite time of year.

Lots of love, Mel x

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