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Motherhood is for everyone!

At this time of year, I think a lot about what Mother’s Day means. For some it’s a reminder of loss, for others it’s a chance to appreciate those who are here and some might even think about who plays the maternal role in their life. Motherhood affects us all whether we are biologically connected or not. Who are the mothers in your life? Perhaps you are a mother-figure to someone. Perhaps you are looking for a mother-figure. Perhaps you are coming to terms with being a mum.

I’m a mum to a 12 yo and a 14 yo. It’s a full-time job feeding them and persuading them to come out of their rooms. I have been replaced by the allure of a comfortable bed and ‘Friends’ on replay. Fortunately, I find that baking has immeasurable powers of persuasion. It’s amazing how enticing a freshly baked scone can be, especially after school when the children have disappeared into the

comfort of the bedroom on the pretence of changing out of school uniform. After a 40-minute wait, you will often find me using a baking tray to waft the baking smells up the stairs. This soon has them pounding down the stairs fuelled by an after-school appetite. There’s nothing better than seeing them beam at me as I Pied Piper them into the kitchen. Nothing says comfort like a fresh scone and my young people are remarkably honest reviewers.

So, I’m hoping that, for Mother’s Day, my children may present me with the gift of time. I don’t need any more ‘I love you mum’ cushions and fluffy stuffed toys to clutter up the house but, what I do need, is one hour of crockery sorting or ten minutes of caravan hoovering or half an hour of help with filming Instagram reels. These moments are precious beyond words. Not only do I get to spend time with some cool young people but, I can tick one of the many items on my endless to-do-list. It’s a win-win.

Aside from my mother’s day musings, this time of year is a time of hope and new beginnings. The arrival of spring bulbs makes me smile and feel relieved that we’re past the dark days of the year. A bit like my back garden chickens, I need as much sunlight as possible for motivation. My chickens stop laying when it’s dark and I…well, I just curl up in my bed! It feels fabulous to be making our plans for Ripley Farmer’s Market, which is where we’ll be next week on the 12th. Do come and join us. We will have toasted breakfast scones with fresh coffee or loose-leaf tea, take away cream teas, refill tea leaves or stay with us and enjoy your cream tea on vintage crockery. We can’t wait to see you all again.

Lots of love


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