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Sconetastic weather and fantabulous cupcakes!

I have felt so inspired since the sun has appeared. It just makes everything seem sparkly. I know that many people struggle in the hot weather and yes, my sugar-paste melts at the speed of light but none of that seems to matter when The Blue Scone Van looks so gorgeous next to the blue sky and the plants resplendent with flowers. I've been creating sugar-paste flowers and inventing ideas for new scones - the best ones so far have been vegan walnut and apple. Also, I'm in the process of inventing a menopause scone with turmeric, and other hormone-boosting ingredients. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, just to let you know that we'll be opening our baking hatch on Saturday 19th June at Horsley Farmer's Market from 9-1pm. We'll have the usual fruit, plain and cheese scones available and a possible special. Hopefully, this beautiful weather will stay but even if it doesn't, cream tea will always make things lovely!

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