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Taking Photos

Yesterday, I baked and iced a chocolate Oreo cake as requested. The customer did not want fancy rolled icing (which he would never eat). He just wanted a cake that tasted good. what I’m trying to say is, the cake did not look remarkable on its own. Indeed it just looked like a cake.

What then could I do to show my product on social media? When building a new business, it’s important to show what you’re doing and customers are visually attracted to my business. I could describe the flavour of the dark chocolate sponge with a hint of vanilla. I could recount the combination of sweet Oreo butter-cream with this sponge. I could even tantalise your taste-buds with the crunch of Oreo crumb beautifully nestled on the top of the cake. But, does this matter when my photo just doesn’t hit the mark?

So, in the absence of a photo that does it justice, I leave you with the just ‘good enough’ and my description, which really needs to be tasted to be believed! It was goooooooood!

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